Poker Games : How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker

You don’t have to be a stud to learn how to play the game Caribbean Stud Poker. Hi, my name is Dean Hale and I’m going to teach you a little bit about that game. It’s a very popular game that’s played all over in casinos, cruise ships, and gambling halls all across the world.

It’s a very simple game that you are playing against the dealer. When you initially start the game, you would then…you would take your chips and put them in the ante pile. You’re going to have circles on the table, you’d put them in the ante circle.

You would get your, you also have the option, which is one of the neat things about Caribbean Stud poker is they have what’s called a progressive jackpot. If you want, y…it’s, it’s, it’s optional, so you do not have to do it, but if you wanted to play in a progressive jackpot, you would take a chip and you would put it in a little slot for the progressive jackpot which will enable you to qualify to get that uh, that big jackpot if you were to score that big hand. The dealer will then deal five cards to each player. You will then look at your five cards and decide whether they were good enough to continue or not. If you think you have a good hand, and you want to play, you would have to double what your ante was. The game will go, everybody will do their betting and then the cards will get turned over, and you’re playing against the dealer.

The dealer has to have a minimum hand to qualify to be able to beat you. Ace-king is typically that qualifying hand. If they have ace-king, you will then turn it over to see if your hand is better. If they do not qualify, let’s say they have a queen high, and you have a king, you win the hand. Now, the big thing to know about this is whether the dealer qualifies or not, if you put money in the progressive jackpot, and you want to have a chance at that progressive jackpot, you have to instruct the dealer to turn your cards over to have a chance at that progressive jackpot.

Different venues will have different payouts for the jack, uh, progressive jackpot. So you want to turn it over to see if you have four of a kind. It might actually give you that big payout.

My name is Dean Hale. Now you know how to play Caribbean Stud poker.