Ben Affleck Kicked Out Of Casino For Card Counting

The Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas ike booted Ben Affleck, from a game of blackjack because they suspected that he was counting cards. Now they didn’t kick him out at the casino. They told him that he was free to play any other game that he wanted to and summer saying that that was an OK response for them to have. I should note that counting cards is not only goal, it is frowned upon and a casino does hold the right to boo you from a game if they do suspect that you are, are counting cards now part of the reason why their really really strict with this Kinda stuff is because, first of all, casinos have not been making the same amount of money. They did before the 2008 economic collapse and also they want to have the upper hand they want to ensure that they’re, the ones that make money off your ass. So if you’re counting cards, they’re, probably not going to be in pay-per-view continuing the game, are super strong to clarify the meet, perhaps shouldn’t feel too bad for the casinos back in 2007.

Before the collapse they made $ 11 billion dollars of love. I gambling innings and now they’re all the way down and 9.6 billion dollars. So I should note that those are all casinos in Clark County, the majority of which are in Las Vegas, okay, so right now the question is a should ban for app like been kicked out for card counting at a deplorable crime, which of course is actually not A crime but I mean that’s a crime against the casinos, the poor casinos who just trying to make a living there. Let’S drop! No, I just want to do this, so we can be massively unanimously in favor Ben Affleck.

Lo que going to demand you happier at thousand different ways: it a go, take our money, it we peered out one way: kind: o 28, even though I was a little bit, they have no people. Others of I can’t believe, you’re being smart. How dare you bed at like not only not guilty Bob Prather the dude from way to go early with your right cuz?

He was winning money. That’S why I think if he was losing money, believe me they would make a good night. Of course. No, I think it’s actually extremely impressive.

When someone has the ability to count cards, it’s not easy. I made easier said than done right, so Ben Affleck’s, a smart dude, so big ups to him for the hot arm M. Am i angry with the casino for bring about a game? No, they have the right to do that and they didn’t. So it is what it is. I don’t know not gon na be like outrage, because they kick someone out a game for counting cards. Nonetheless, we are ruling on Ben Affleck guilty or not guilty.

I don’t know what that means, though they should as it moral. If you decide upstanding person, knowing that he is violating the casino rules should be and not counted, carsey guilty a bring new casinos rules. He obviously is guilty of breaking the casinos rules, which is why they booted him out of the game. I think you may perhaps saying this to logically.

Okay, sorry, she loading guilty, I’m not deny go. Let him go. Jerry Jackson now gives them to not guilty Jesus. Gon na my guess, I’m to me is not guilty of all time part. The reason we have this really is. I wanted to be unanimous with you.

It might as well as a second reason is actually use our gap. Ben Affleck not guilty you’re free to go. I accept your. I don’t really understand where you guys again, and we are you saying that he should be allowed to continue playing an issue to be allowed to continue counting cards. You, of course, that’s awesome, I’m glad he did so-what hard rock, like all like.

Oh, my god up, you know it’s so unfair that you can actually count it. Am i allowed to count up to 21 or or do I really like Pau? I do not know how to count at all melody an israeli categories heart. I know because I’ve tried – and I know this system a lot of people in the system – any other okay, -1 plus or minus 10 postponed to ponder fuck it in the picture. Doesn’T look what blackjack great, but I think it’s ridiculous that the pic you out for doing something that perfectly normal nd, Traci you’re betting pattern. That’S how they know yeah right, yeah, I N and yeah.

It’S really. I wish I was smart enough to count cards some freakin home for the no. I didn’t I guess when it comes to that issue. Cuz you’re asking me at first to ask me whether or not he’s breaking the rules and obviously he did cuz. They have a policy against it, but now that I think about it, what he’s just super smart and have the ability to do it? They should allow him to do it when you gon na do ban people for being too smart yep.

That’S basically, what you’re doing that’s pretty, basically higher, I Capri saying only suckers allowed. So if you’re a sucker, please come near casino, but if you happen to be winning will get really personal 30, the gazebo about the business model, most businesses. They want to take your money by usually lying to you or misrepresenting a product or whatever it is. I mean it’s not is a very common thing me, that’s true, but where to go in guilty? Okay, all right now, one less thing its accede to be fair.

To hard rock a bit over genius marketing move, you know why, because now everything’s all turns, I can think of, you can count cards and you can win that way. That’S way to bed at like a I’m gon na go kart your account cards and but what your realizes? It’S not that easy to rebuild a genius but is not easy, and we know through experience to people that have already done it. The great majority people who think that they’re counting cards Sacaton not actually wind up losing a lot of money.

So this carry big ad for all the casinos like come here. All golly gee, you might take money from us, blackjack might be in your favor there’s. Also, the celebrity element right now all the sudden hearing articles about this story, and you see things like Hard Rock Casino, Las Vegas, which is known for its celebrity clientele right.

All of that and people who want anything like well. If I go to Hard Rock time, I see people like Ben Affleck, although, ironically you won’t see Ben Affleck anymore, is he’s gone baby gone. I have an idea, i’ve landed, I we can do a tyte.

You know on the office you on this out practice among timecard. You guys give me like 15 other dollars. I’M Campbell in Vegas have no fear by can do this right, okay, I’ll anything about that in no, I a okay so far, we’ve or on the actual gavel. I not guilty.